Tris Penna

Tris Penna is a music executive who has worked with many UK artists and is a notable record producer and broadcaster.


He most recently produced Sheridan Smith’s gold debut album and is a producer on the forthcoming 'Dusty' musical.

Tris produced Exploring ‘Life on Mars?’, or BBC Radio 2,  with Martin Kemp [pictured] Tris and Martin explore this 1971 song of Bowie’s which is widely regarded as a masterpiece. With access to exclusive unreleased music archive, the documentary examines how Life On Mars? came into being and the significance of the lyrics, could it be seen as the musician’s legacy song – the one for which he will be most remembered.



Sue Clark: ‘I heard about Tris long before I ever got to meet him from Vicki Wickham, she would always be talking about Tris and what he was up to. So when we finally met backstage at the 'Meltdown Ready Steady Go!' After Party at the Festival Hall I felt that I had known him for years already! I knew of his background working as an A&R man for EMI and knew that he had worked with Dusty Springfield. In fact I had edited a written article that Vicki and I did for Hello! Magazine when Dusty was inducted into the UK Hall of Music and Tris had been one of the contributors to that article.


Talking to Tris I discovered that he was a collector of early music machines – wax cylinders, gramophones, jukeboxes etc – and this led to him being a contributor to a programme I was producing for Testbed Productions for Radio 4 called 'Duration, Duration, Duration' with

Grace Dent which was all about how lengths of time came into being for a 45 inch single pop record or a blockbuster movie.


Anyway – this began my friendship and collaboration with Tris and we cooked up a few ideas for BBC Radio. We were successful with a series for Radio 4 called 'His Master’s Voices', working with the lovely Cerys Matthews and most recently Tris and I made ‘Exploring Life on Mars?’ for Radio 2 with Martin Kemp. There are many more ideas in the pipeline – so watch this space!



His Master's Voices

Exploring 'Life on Mars?'

Definitively Dusty




Tris, with Vicki Wickham and Eleanor Lloyd, is producing the Stage adaptation of Dusty Springfield's life, due to hit

theatres in 2018






Tris recently produced 'His Master's Voices' for BBC Radio 2 - Along with Cerys Matthews they use their music industry careers to examine the legacy and stories behind some of the first Gramophone records recorded in Britain from 1898-1902. It was repeated December 2017




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